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How Instagram can benefit your kitchen & business

#FoodPorn together with #Food has been used almost 260 million times on Instagram, a platform made famous with pictures of perfect plates of edibles. This huge amount of user interaction makes it the perfect time to learn what’s the best way for you to get involved with the platform, and how to get your business some of that traffic and admiration that will lead to more sales.

If you want to capitalise on your food getting seen, whether you’re preparing it in a kitchen for rent or a more permanent space, you’ll need to take tips from the top Instagram foodies. Check out these examples and we’ll explain how they’re doing so well:

Great lighting is everything

Accounts like New Fork City have made a name for themselves by capturing the food in their area. But while the majority of it isn’t exactly fine dining, just by using plenty of light and the right angle, they are able to make all the food they snap absolutely mouth watering.

Superman and birthday cake ice cream! 🍴 Credit: @nycfoodfomo #newforkcity

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Thankfully most kitchens are very well lit, so you should have ample light to capture your most beautiful creations. It’s important to create a light aesthetic too on Instagram, with brightness, contrast and colour intensity the same across your snaps.

Be an early adopter (and keep posting!)

Shake Shack were ahead of the curve, compared to most big businesses, cleaning up the followers before other big chains woke up to Instagram. Though most of the images are of their similar looking burgers, the delicious looking pics have earned Shake Shack almost 300K followers.

Gotta catch ’em all. Pic by @thenaughtyfork. #shakeshack #shackburger #smokeshack #chicknshack #shroomburger

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According to Huffington Post restaurants were slower than other businesses to create and popularise accounts. The gains being made by the early adopters are an example of exactly what can be achieved with a little faith and complete dedication to creating not just great food but great pictures. Many businesses still don’t use Instagram so you won’t be out of luck if you start posting now.

Given users a backstage pass

Allowing users an inside look at your preparation process is a great way to build trust. Especially when you’re a small team, like a startup or pop-up, showcasing your happy workers can earn you a strong following.

By snapping your staff and how your dishes are being made, it creates a sense that the user is getting an honest, insider’s perspective on your food. Revealing exclusive photos and new menus will make the customer feel like they’re in on something and will become more loyal to you, bringing more people and followers to your brand.

California Pizza Kitchen are great at creating this sort of insider feeling, with their feature called “VIP backstage pass” which allows access into the world of the kitchen.

Copycat the savvy restaurants on Instagram

A Manhattan restaurant capitalised on how much people love Instagramming their food and has become one of a few establishments to create a new way to browse the menu. #ComodoMenu replaced any need for a menu, as customers would take a photo of their food, upload it to Instagram with that hashtag and when new patrons show up they can simply peruse the photos of possible dishes they could choose from.

Camarones abrazados #foodporn #foodiegram #foodiepics #foodietest #soy_foodie #comodomenu #5sculinarios #foodie

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The idea caused worldwide press coverage for the restaurant, meaning there were more benefits than simply ridding themselves of all their menus. You can create special menus or show off new signature items by sharing your menu online this way. It will also allow you to track what users love taking pictures of, which might indicate popularity.

Become a culinary authority

As Comodo has proved, it’s always good to have other people talking about and posting about your food. The US chain, Cheesecake Factory being tagged in 4,899 photos in just 18 days is an example of goal-level domination.

This kind of sharing is great, encouraging more users to visit your product. But it’s still important when users are sharing that you are posting too. Commenting and liking fan photos will help give you account personality, and by reposting photos you can become a curator of great photos of your food.