jam jar filled with oats

A Healthy Work Week Menu Plan: Easy & Office Friendly

Healthy eating. It’s a constant want but more often than not an inevitable fail. With work life and much needed socialising getting in the way of your ultimate healthy goal, a day by day food plan can really help keep you on track.

A 5 day meal plan giving you options for breakfast, lunch and dinner may be just what you need to give this healthy lifestyle a kick in the right direction. By knowing what you’ll be eating for the week you can plan ahead, buying in what you need the weekend before so there’s no ‘oh I don’t have that ingredient’ or ‘I’d have to go to the shops if I wanted to cook that’ excuses that we’ve all used before.

Overnight oats for breakfast (the most important meal!)

jam jar filled with oats

Breakfast provides us with energy, protein, fibre and important nutrients such as calcium, iron and vitamin B. Yet, nearly half of the UK population are still not eating breakfast. According to Shake Up Your Wake Up, breakfast can be good for your waistline, helping your metabolism get going, rather than a hind to weight loss as you might think.

The idea breakfast for busy office workers, who want something a little more interesting, is overnight oats. Whip up a recipe the the night before, whack them in the fridge overnight and then take them with you to work the next morning. Each is packed with energy for the morning and with simple variations, you’ll avoid getting bored on breakfast.

Here are 5 recipes for your work week and why we recommend them:

Carrot cake overnight protein oatmeal
A dessert-like breakfast without the bad stuff

Strawberry chia overnight oats
Both vegan and gluten free

Apple cinnamon oatmeal with whipped maple cream
Spices to get you out of bed in the morning

Orange, coconut and vanilla overnight oats
Delicious and healthy

Peanut butter cup overnight oats
A Friday treat for getting through the week.


Smart carbs are better than a leafy salad at lunch

grilled chicken pieces on green salad with pomegranate seeds

We all know that leafy greens and fresh vegetables are a classic way to keep your lunch low calorie. But salads, especially without oily dressings, can be light on flavour. Luckily, there are some great ways to spruce up your lunch, while still being health.

You might be tempted to avoid carbs for lunch, but it’s actually a better time for your body than dinner. Why? Because you’re more active when you’re awake. Carbs before bed won’t get burned by your body as it’ll be doing less.

Five ways to make your five a day is with these Monday to Friday recipes:

Mediterranean Panzanella Salad
Vegetable overload! Try adding a grilled chicken breast for an extra something to fill you up

Creamy buffalo, chicken and black bean quesadillas
This is a quick and easy recipe you can whip ip the night before. Alternatively you could cook these for dinner, making extra for the next day’s lunch

Quinoa tabbouleh
Nutrient-packed and full of flavour this salad is gluten free, vegetarian and healthy (can add a grilled chicken breast for extra protein)

Storecupboard pasta salad
Quick and simple. Perfect for when you just can’t be bothered

Crispy Chicken Fingers
Friday treat? And a healthy alternative to chicken nuggets. Serve with salad.

Decide to enjoy dinner

Salmon fillet, tomatoes and asparagus on wooden board

The last meal of the day is often the most popular. When you’re round the table with family or housemates, this social meal can easily become about big portions and family favourites, like pasta bolognese, burgers or stir fry.

Again though, becoming more healthy with your meals doesn’t mean getting rid of these popular dishes, but rather reinventing them to avoid heavy greasy or carbs. Making dinner can be as quick as putting together breakfast, so time is no excuse for skipping dinner or cheating with a takeaway.

Here are five fun and delicious recipes for dinner:

Jalapeno carrot rice salad with charred peppers, pepitas and avocado-tomato salsa
All the flavours you could ever need

Zucchini noodles with chicken, feta and spinach

Spiralizers are all the rage right now, So why not use one to jazz up your dinner and have spiralized vegetables instead of pasta or rice.

Greek salad omelette
Eggs have tonnes of protein, mix this with a handful of healthy veg and you’ve got yourself a tasty healthy dinner that won’t leave you feeling disappointed or empty

Haddock in tomato basil sauce
Fish is important for getting your omega 3, so make sure you’re having at least one portion a week

Thai style beef salad with salt and pepper cashews
A really fresh and summery salad