Serviced offices: growing your business without moving

So you’re ready to grow your business and you want to rent a serviced office space for you and your staff. But like 27% of small business owners, you don’t know where to go or where to even start looking. You might not realise it, but at this point you actually have two options:

Option 1: You use a traditional office

You start by shopping around in an effort to find the office that suits your business perfectly. With over 1000 offices available to choose from in London alone, the process of searching for a traditional office can be overwhelming.

And what if, after all that trouble, your business grows again? Suddenly you’ve outgrown the space you put so much time and energy into finding and you need to move again.

Moving a business’s location isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A more short-term and flexible approach to finding an office could potentially be beneficial to freelancers for example, as it can allow them to experience numerous parts of the city and discover which areas have the highest demand for their services.

However, flexibility comes at a cost. Recent studies have revealed that in the last five years small businesses have lost £40,000 in moving and upgrading premises. Therefore, due to the disruption and financial losses that it can cause, moving offices frequently might not be a financially viable option for the average small business. In fact, moving offices has been cited as the second most stressful thing to do by 31% of small business owners.

Option 2: Use Dephna’s expanding offices

With Dephna offering a range of serviced offices across London, you can shop around and pick the right location for you, your staff and your clients. Also, unlike traditional offices, our serviced offices are adaptable for when your business grows, meaning you won’t need to go through the stress of finding another location.

Serviced office providers, like Dephna, will always have multiple sizes of office space. This means that even if you move into a smaller space, but think you might expand soon, you can request another, larger space in the building ahead of time. Hence, minimal moving distance and you spend within your current budget.

Alternatively because Dephna’s offices are equipped with movable walls, and can therefore physically expand to match the growth of your company, you can actually avoid moving at all. Instead, we bring down walls around your booked space to give you more square footage.


If you want to find out more about renting a serviced office with Dephna or arrange a viewing, call us today on 020 8896 7575.