Working kitchen

Designing a Commercial Kitchen

Of all the various factors that go into creating a successful catering business, whether it's event catering, a restaurant, takeaway or a pop-up shop, the kitchen is the beating heart of the operation. If the kitchen is not set up correctly it makes the rest of the business so much harder to run. This may sound like an obvious statement to make but it is surprising how often the kitchen setup and design is overlooked when it comes to central production units and commercial kitchen spaces.

A kitchen on its own is like a heart without veins and arteries. It needs input and output. It also needs one other thing, but enough of the anatomical analogy. It needs storage space. So we can divide the kitchen area into three parts - delivery (in and out), production and storage.


A busy kitchen needs a good reliable flow, both in and out, to keep things moving efficiently. Most modern kitchens are working at all hours so you need to consider how your deliveries of meat and produce are getting to you and once there, how easy it is to offload and store, ready for use.

A loading bay with 24-hour access is a must, as well as cargo lifts, large doors and flat, open, well-maintained floors. Once you've got this right, it will take care of incoming and outgoing deliveries.


If you need to keep buying small orders of your supplies you know you'll be paying too much. A large, secure and safe storage unit and cold room onsite will allow you to buy in bulk and keep things to hand when you need them. Look for constant temperature monitoring and pest control too.

Check how hard it is to take your supplies to the kitchen. It's going to reduce efficiency if you ned to go from one building to another every time to need to resupply.


This is where the work is done. A good working kitchen needs plenty of space, good access and ventilation, as well as gas, water and electricity points. Each kitchen is different. Each chef works differently. You need to make sure you can design and fit your kitchen out any way you choose and, most importantly, you need enough space to work.

The Solution

The kitchen spaces at Dephna range from 400 to 400 sq ft and allow you to design and fit out your kitchen exactly as your needs require. They will help you get your unit ready for production as well as offering storage and cold room options that will work for you. The spacious loading bays are available 24 hours a day, as are all access points and lifts. Dephna is stringent in their security, safety and maintenance in all Dephna sites in the London area. Their state-of-the-art units have all the electrical, gas and water points you need, along with full Paxton access control so you can come and go when you want.

If you have any questions regarding setting up a new commercial kitchen, please contact the team at Dephna. They are always happy to help with any aspect of setting up and running your kitchen.