Businesses stay fresh with our cold storage rentals. Purpose-built chilled and frozen storage rooms in the most convenient location for your business; on the same sites as our commercial kitchen rentals!

Business is chill with Dephna...

Cold Storage Units to Rent; Tailored to You

Whether you’re preserving fresh fruit and veg, dairy products, medicines or flowers, cold storage solutions are perfect for many industries, including food and other sectors that require a chilled environment to store products or protect the supply chain. Our cold rooms are built to the highest standard, with 100m hygienic panels to satisfy safety regulations. A temperature-controlled room lets you create ambient storage, a cold store or frozen storage, ensuring your products remain fresh, whatever temperature ranges they need. With ample space and no capital outlay, there's chilled storage units to suit, whether you are a small start-up or an established food manufacturer.

Flexible Cold Storage London for All Industries...

Our flexible cold storage London is used by businesses of all sizes, from pop-ups and food delivery services to manufacturers and large-scale restaurants.

Equipped to handle your business demands, each frozen food storage or cold room can accommodate 4-5 pallets. With multiple walk-in cold rooms available at each London cold storage facility you can hire as many neighbouring rooms as you require, while still keeping your overheads low.

Every cold storage warehouse space in London has loading bays, goods lifts and onsite parking for easy access to your unit, and to ensure stocking your cold room is as simple as possible, regardless of your load size.


No two businesses are the same, and our other cold warehousing facilities reflect this. Our 24-hour access allows you to choose the most suitable delivery time, and we have adjustable temperature settings in every cold room. Whether your product requires frozen, cold or an ambient storage environment, our cold storage in London accommodates this.

The locations of our cold rooms are at the height of convenience, you can find them alongside our dark kitchens, catering kitchens and delivery only kitchens all in one space!

What’s more, the safety of your products and stock inventory is of high importance to us, so all of our London cold storage rooms have 24-hour security measures in place, including CCTV and access fobs.

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Chilled Storage For Entrepreneurs

Walk-in cold storage provides a safe and hygienic space to store refrigerated goods for food pop-ups, food trucks and entrepreneurs alike.
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Cold Food Storage For Restaurants

Many restaurants use London cold food storage as a space-saving solution for storing stock and a practical area for faster stock checking.
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Cold Storage London For Manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer that requires a refrigerated space but without the need for a kitchen or store-front, our small cold storage rooms are ideal!
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Cold Rooms For Scale-Ups

Low overheads are crucial when scaling up business production. Our affordable cold rooms are equipped with everything you need to expand.

Find a Frozen Storage Location That Works for You

We have cold storage units to rent all over London, ideally located in some prime hotspots. Check out the map below to find a cold room location that suits you.

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What People Say About Our Frozen & Cold Food Storage to Rent...

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    "Because our business is based around using the freshest produce, we rely on walk-in cold storage to maintain our quality standards. The small cold store we use is in a fantastic location to our main site, and 24-7 access means we can easily replenish our stock as we need to. I wouldn’t go to any other cold store business than Dephna."

Cold Room FAQs

What can modular cold rooms be used for?

Cold storage solutions are ideal for keeping a wide range of produce and goods. Thanks to the various cold room temperature settings – ambient, fridge or freezer – you can store anything that needs to be kept in a chilled or frozen environment.

Our walk-in cold storage is most commonly used for keeping frozen food or perishables, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, but it’s completely adaptable to your business requirements. Although companies in the food industry are the main users of our walk-in refrigerators, they are ideal for pharmaceutical companies too.

How much does cold storage cost?

We pride ourselves on providing cheap cold rooms in London. Our cold storage units are available for £400 per month, plus VAT and metered utilities, so you only pay for what you use.

Do your cold rooms in London have on-site parking?

To ensure easy access to your unit, cold room storage rentals have on-site loading bays and goods lifts, so stocking your cold room is simple at Dephna, regardless of your load size.

Other on-site benefits of Dephna’s cold storage solutions include 24-hour security measures such as CCTV monitoring and access fobs.

What is a cold storage room?

Think of cold storage as a large fridge. A walk-in cold room is a large refrigerated room designed for goods that need to be stored below the outdoor temperature to keep them fresh or edible.

As cold rooms are significantly bigger than a standard fridge, they are perfect for food businesses with a large stock inventory or perishables they need to keep fresh for longer. The cold storage temperature can be set to ambient, fridge or freezer, perfect for a broad spectrum of goods.

When can I access my walk-in cold store?

Every business is different, which is why you can access your commercial kitchen rentals and cold rooms 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you have food prep through the night, or you need to retrieve your fresh produce and meats in the early hours of the morning, you can do so with Dephna’s flexible, modular cold rooms.

Do I need a cold room for commercial food storage?

Yes, if you have fresh or perishable produce, a cold room is essential for proper commercial food storage to maintain freshness and safety. All of our commercial kitchen units are equipped with cold storage facilities on site.

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