Fuel your food business with a commercial kitchen for rent in London; slice overheads, fire up quality and start cooking up a storm.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to renting a commercial kitchen. That’s why we offer a range of commercial kitchen types to cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re a startup, an established restaurant, a food manufacturer, or anything in between, we have the ideal kitchen for you.

What types of kitchen rentals can you hire? Let’s check out the menu…

Catering kitchens

Flexible commercial catering kitchens for rent in London are an affordable solution to expand food businesses.
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Central production units

Central production kitchens improve product consistency, boost efficiency and cut costs.

Food delivery kitchens

Food delivery is booming. Our London delivery-only kitchens make it easy to tap into the thriving market.
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Dark kitchens

Our dark kitchens in London are a convenient space to help you meet high business demand.
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Our Kitchen Rental Options Up Close

1. Food Delivery Kitchens:

Suited for: Food Delivery Services, Ghost Restaurants

In the age of food delivery, our purpose-built food delivery kitchens provide the perfect space to tap into this booming market. They are strategically located and fully equipped to meet the demands of the digital food delivery era.

2. Dark Kitchens:

Suited for: Online-Only Restaurants, Bakeries, Virtual Brands

Dark kitchens rentals, also known as virtual or ghost kitchens, are designed for businesses that operate solely through online orders and deliveries. These kitchens provide a convenient and cost-effective way to meet high business demand without the need for a physical storefront.

3. Catering Kitchens:

Suited for: Aspiring Chefs, Caterers, Event Planners

Our catering kitchens provide the ideal space for culinary creatives who want to bring their dishes to life. Equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and ample workspace, these kitchens are perfect for preparing and delivering delectable meals for events, weddings, and gatherings.

4. Central Production Units:

Suited for: Restaurants, Food Chains, Meal Prep Services

Central production units are the heart of many successful food businesses. They ensure consistency in food quality, streamline efficiency, and help reduce operational costs. If you’re running a restaurant or food chain, these kitchens can be a game-changer.

 No matter which type of commercial kitchen rental you choose, Dephna Kitchens is committed to providing you with a space that caters to your unique culinary needs. Our kitchens are designed to help you succeed in the competitive food industry while ensuring you have access to the tools and resources required to excel in your niche.

What can we do for you?

Kitchen hire to fire up your business!

Established or start-up, big or small, street food or large restaurant chains, our modular kitchens suit every inspirational food business! Our commercial kitchen hire in London is served with flexible pricing, a side of expert guidance, and minimum three-month contract, but you can rent your kitchen for as long as you like. Regardless of what space you choose or how long you stay, you’ll receive a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen that adheres to all safety standards.

Tailored to you

  • Flexible pricing
  • 24 hour access
  • Personalised spaces

Unrivalled expertise

  • Expert professional guidance
  • Multiple applications and uses
  • Personalised spaces

Peace of mind

  • Hygienic floors and waste collection
  •  Inbuilt ventilation and drainage
  •  SALSA & HACCP accredited

Commercial kitchens to rent in London: for all food businesses!

Hiring a commercial kitchen couldn’t be easier. If you need a dark kitchen to rent, a central production unit or catering kitchen in London, our customisable spaces are fitted with everything you need to move in at short notice and start production immediately – if that’s what you require.

7 macarons on marble worktop

For entrepreneurs

Cutting costs is key when taking your first steps in the food industry. Our commercial kitchens for hire are affordable and ready for you to get started.
hands placing down a roll of unbaked dough

For restaurants

Central production units in London help restaurants reduce their costs, improve the consistency of food quality and tighten efficiency, or are used as a great prep kitchen hire solution.
hands placing unbaked loaf into a baking tin

For manufacturers

Do you need a kitchen space without a storefront? Our kitchens for hire in London are practical with all the space you need - or ideal as a prep kitchen hire!
hand holding a meringue infront of a cafe

For scale-ups

Commercial kitchen rental is an adaptable and economical space, perfect for launching an F&B business or scaling up food production.

Long-term, short-term, flexible…

The tenure is up to you, we’re sure to cover it. No two businesses are the same, so we’ve got an agreement to suit everyone when you rent a kitchen with Dephna. Drop us a line to find out what your kitchen rental locations and options are.

A price that works for you

Our London kitchen prices are flexible and tailored to the individual situation. London is expensive as it is, so why pay more than you should? Renting a kitchen allows you to cut back on unnecessary overheads and focus on the things that matter.

A complete service

We’ve got all the basics ticked off, plus the add-ons that make all the difference to your business. It’s our mission to make sure everything you need is in one space. Food production without delay is always on the menu in Dephna’s kitchens for rent.

Strategic kitchen locations for your culinary success

Location is key when it comes to your food business.

Where you operate can make all the difference in your success, and with commercial kitchen spaces across the capital, we’re positive that you will find a space that suits you. 

Here’s why our cleverly situated kitchen spaces offer you a competitive advantage:

Proximity to Popular Areas:

Our kitchens are strategically located in and around vibrant London neighbourhoods. Whether you want to serve the heart of the city or tap into the trendy suburbs, our locations provide access to your target markets.

Many of our commercial kitchen locations are near bustling commercial districts, shopping hubs, and entertainment centres, ensuring that your food business has exposure to a dynamic customer base.

Efficient Delivery Routes:

For food delivery services, our kitchens’ proximity to major roadways and transportation hubs makes for efficient and timely deliveries. You can reach your customers quickly, ensuring that their orders arrive fresh and on time.

Networking Opportunities:

Being in close proximity to other food businesses and culinary hotspots can also provide valuable networking opportunities. You might discover collaboration possibilities or gain inspiration from neighbouring establishments.

Local Appeal:

If you have a local or neighbourhood-focused food business, our kitchens in various London boroughs allow you to establish a strong local presence and connect with the community

Kitchen rentals in prime London locations

Looking for a commercial kitchen to rent in West London? We've got you covered!

Can’t see a kitchen near you? Give us a call!

London kitchen hire; how does it work?

Ranging from 400 sq ft to 4,000 sq ft, we have a kitchen rental to suit every business. Whether you’re a street food stand or a large corporation, we’ve got commercial kitchen space to suit your needs.

Need help finding your fit? We’re also here to answer any questions you might have.

Our team of experts can discuss the finer requirements for your commercial kitchen space.  We can also put you in touch with our suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment, as well as food industry experts.

From bakers to large-scale food caterers, our cheap commercial kitchens for rent have a wide variety of applications.

Let us take care of the space while you manage the day to day running of your business.

With our specialised knowledge, we can advise you on the design and layout, production flow and electricity, gas and water connections. We also have onsite cold storage facilities to make the day to day running of your food business that little bit easier.

Our commercial kitchen units

Our state of the art commercial kitchen hire is EHO designed to the highest standard. Bring in your own kitchen equipment or we can put you in touch with our suppliers.

  • 01–
  • 02–
  • 03–
  • 04–
    Acho drains
  • 05–
    Hygienic walls
  • 06–
    Hygienic floors
  • 07–
    Hygienic ceilings
  • 08–
    Hot & cold water
  • 09–
    Gas point
  • 10–
    3-phase electricity
  • 11–
    Fire rated security steel doors
  • 12–
    Paxton access control
  • 13–
    Hygienically sealed skirting
Kitchens setup Kitchens plan Fitted kitchen

What people say

  • male and female chefs preparing food in a commercial kitchen
    quote marks
    Our favourite thing about Dephna’s commercial kitchen hire? The flexibility to mould the space to suit our own business needs. The team is always accommodating and ready to help, and the state of the art kitchen allows us to work to maximum capacity with no hiccups.

Commercial Kitchen Quality Assurance through SALSA and HACCP

At Dephna Kitchens, we prioritise your food’s safety and quality. Our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen rentals meet the stringent specifications required for SALSA and HACCP accreditations. In fact, many of our clients who have achieved these certifications while using our facilities already supply major London retailers.

Our team comprises dynamic food professionals with the expertise to guide you through the process of obtaining commercial kitchen and food accreditations. It’s all part of our standard service, reflecting our unwavering commitment to your culinary success.

SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval):

SALSA ensures our kitchens maintain impeccable hygiene and safety standards. When you choose us, you’re choosing a space that prioritises food safety above all else.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points):

HACCP means we’ve meticulously analysed and controlled every aspect of food production, from ingredients to plating. This systematic approach guarantees consistent, top-quality results.

Why Trust These Certifications?

Our SALSA and HACCP certifications are your assurance that we take food safety and quality seriously. We’ve earned the trust of industry experts, and you can trust us too. When you rent with us, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your culinary success.


How much does a commercial kitchen cost to rent in London?

The cost of a commercial kitchen depends on your circumstances; you shouldn’t be paying for space you don’t use. Our commercial kitchen rates are based on the size unit you occupy. For our 380 sq. ft kitchen, prices start from £2,000 per month, plus VAT and utilities. Head to our pricing page for more information or to use our budget planner!

How do I rent a commercial kitchen?

Renting a commercial kitchen couldn’t be easier; 

…then we will get the ball rolling!

If you can’t decide what size or type of commercial kitchen you need, we can make a suggestion based on your business production and concept. When you’re happy, secure your space with a three month deposit and one month rent in advance, then you’ll be cooking on gas in no time.

How to run a commercial kitchen and what do you need?

Whether you’re new to the food industry or something of a veteran, running a commercial kitchen isn’t always smooth sailing. There’s a lot to consider in the initial renting, set-up and organising and the ongoing operations. Luckily, we’ve compiled a guide to renting a commercial kitchen, covering costs, kitchen types, how to design a kitchen – and you can even find our thoughts on if it’s better to buy or rent commercial kitchen equipment.

What are the types of commercial kitchens?

We offer five types of commercial kitchen at Dephna; Catering Kitchens Rentals, Central Production Units, Dark Kitchens to Rent and Food Delivery Kitchens. The best choice for your business depends on your business model, operations and demand.

What are the requirements and regulations for running a commercial kitchen?

There are many UK rules and regulations to be aware of when running a commercial kitchen, to ensure your workspace is safe, sanitary and practical. If  a food business fails to comply with UK legislation, it could result in the closure of the business. Check out our guide to UK commercial kitchen regulations.

What is the minimum contract length for commercial kitchen hire?

The minimum contract term to hire a Dephna kitchen is three months, but after that the ball is in your court. Whether you are looking for a three month, one year or long-term commercial kitchen rental, we can come up with a rental plan to suit.

What commercial kitchen equipment is included?

Our kitchen users have niche production, so they all need very unique commercial kitchen equipment and supplies. For this, we ask that all cooking or production equipment is brought in by our clients. We fit our kitchens with the basics you need to get started immediately; extractor fans, drainage, metered utilities (gas, electric, water) and hygienic surfaces – all compliant with health and safety standards.

What commercial kitchen sizes are available to rent?

Our commercial kitchen units are 380 sq. ft, and due to their layouts, it means you can add or remove units as and when you need. No paying for space you don’t need! Whether you are a small food pop-up, street food vendor, chain or restaurants seeking a central production kitchen or a catering company needing a space large enough for mass production, we’ve got you covered.

Will I be renting a private or shared-use commercial kitchen?

All of our commercial kitchen rentals are private and exclusively yours. We’ve been working within the industry for some time, so we know how hectic busy kitchens are. Having a calm and peaceful space is essential for the productivity and efficiency of food businesses, so we give all of our clients their own private commercial kitchen to make their own.

What is the commercial kitchen cost per square foot?

Commercial kitchen rental costs per square foot can vary. At Dephna, we’re transparent with our prices. One of our 380 sq ft. kitchens costs £2,000, equivalent to £5.25 per square foot. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, and we can provide detailed pricing information based on the space you need.

How do I find commercial kitchen to rent near me?

Finding commercial kitchen space near you is easy with Dephna. Explore our kitchen locations online, or fill in our contact form and we’ll help you find the ideal kitchen space near your location.

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