Dark kitchen hire has transformed how food traders and traditional restaurants manage the rise in food delivery and street food market demands. Our state of the art dark kitchens for rent offer solutions for all food businesses, from street food and delivery, to startup kitchens, central production units for established brands, online grocery stores and more.

How dark kitchen hire can help you…

How Dephna feeds London food businesses.

Our cloud kitchens are accessible and convenient spaces for tenants to take their business model to the next level. Dephna's dark kitchens for rent are ready and waiting for you to move in with your cooking equipment, your workforce and start trailblazing in the food industry immediately.

Tailored to you

  • Flexible pricing
  • 24-hour access
  • Customisable kitchen layout
  • A range of dark kitchen sizes

Unrivalled service

  • Expert professional guidance
  • Multiple applications and uses
  • Loading bays and lifts
  • Car park

Peace of mind

  • Hygienic floors and waste collection to meet food hygiene standards
  • Inbuilt ventilation and drainage
  • SALSA and HACCP accredited

What are dark kitchens?

What is a dark kitchen? Also known as ghost kitchens, satellite, virtual, cloud or food delivery kitchens are standalone spaces for food businesses to concentrate on food production.

Our dark kitchen tenants are diverse and from several food industry communities. Although delivery-only businesses do occupy the units, the main aim of our ghost kitchens is to help food professionals or entrepreneurs scale up prep and production of the menus, or provide a dedicated space to focus on product development.

Virtual kitchens are free from a storefront which allows entrepreneurs to focus on the behind-the-scenes of running a successful food business, condense the operation of a restaurant chain into one functioning space, or the chance to focus on delivery orders without interruption from customers. They are also a fantastic stepping stone for startups hoping to enhance their brand without high costs.

Unlike a traditional restaurant, dark kitchens aren’t attached to a brick and mortar restaurant, which means lower running costs, reduced carbon footprint and the freedom to design a practical kitchen layout.

Who uses our London dark kitchens?

Our commercial units are adaptable to most food and restaurant industry businesses or entrepreneurs. From street food traders to delivery only startups, established restaurant chains, drinks development online grocery stores and beyond. Whatever you need a flexible kitchen space for – our kitchens to rent in London deliver the goods.

7 macarons on marble worktop

Kitchens for entrepreneurs

Cutting costs is key during your first steps in the food industry. Our spaces are affordable and equipped to get you started.
hands placing down a roll of unbaked dough

Kitchens for restaurants

Central production units in London help restaurants reduce their costs, improve the consistency of food quality, and tighten efficiency.
baker placing unbaked bread loaf into a baking tin

Kitchens for manufacturers

Do you need a kitchen space without a storefront? Our dark kitchen hire in London offers practical spaces with everything you need.
hand holding a meringue infront of a cafe

Kitchens for scale-ups

Delivery kitchens are adaptable and cost-friendly options for launching an F&B business or scaling up food production.

Rent a kitchen for delivery apps

Food brands renting dark kitchens typically trade on popular food delivery apps such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and UberEats. The days of expensive overheads are over; rent an efficient kitchen, sign up to an online ordering platform and get ready to welcome a new customer base with our dark kitchens to rent.

Versatile kitchen solutions

Flexible tenure

No two businesses are the same, so why should your rental plan be?

If you need to hire a dark kitchen on a short-term, long-term or flexible basis, we can help. Just let us know how long you need our services – we’ll take it from there.

Bespoke price plans

We tailor the costs of our dark kitchens to your specifications and circumstances – why should you pay more than you need to?

For more information on our kitchen sizes or how much dark kitchen hire might cost, give us a call.

A complete service

No need to sweat the small stuff when using our delivery only kitchen spaces; we handle the finer details that impact your business.

Check out our menu:

  • Cold and dry storage
  • Cleaning
  • Waste collection
  • Ventilation and drainage

Dark kitchen hire for all sizes

Ranging from 400 sq ft to 4,000 sq ft, we have a dark kitchen to suit every business, big or small. Our spaces in London are perfect for small startups, street food vendors, high-street chains and large catering companies. Whatever your size, you can benefit from our catering solutions.

Our team of experts can discuss the essentials for your commercial kitchen space, and we can put you in touch with equipment suppliers, as well as food industry experts.

Let us take care of the space, while you manage the day to day running of your business.

Our specialist team of foodies have expert knowledge on London food delivery market; we can advise you on:

• The best unit size
• Canopy extraction size and installation
• Kitchen Design & Layout
Frozen Storage and Cold Rooms
• Production Flow
• Number of 3-phase and single-phase electric point connections

What people say

  • action shot of three chefs prepping in a busy commercial kitchen
    quote marks
    A dark kitchen is the perfect solution for anybody wanting to start a food delivery only business. Initially we were concerned about sorting a kitchen without a storefront, but then a friend introduced us to Dephna and we haven’t looked back since.

How to find a kitchen for rent near me?

Dark kitchens in London are our jam... We have several kitchen locations across London. If you run a delivery-only business, your dark kitchen location will determine your delivery radius, so you should rent a space in a prime location if you want to reach a broader customer pool. To find a dark kitchen near you, check out our map below:

Can’t see a kitchen near you? Give us a call!

Dark Kitchen FAQs

What are dark kitchens?

Dark kitchens are commercial kitchen spaces designed exclusively for food delivery and takeaway orders. They lack dine-in facilities and focus solely on efficient food preparation for delivery services.

How do I find a dark kitchen to rent near me?

Finding a dark kitchen is easy. Take a look at our kitchen locations online, or contact us and we’ll  assist you in finding a suitable dark kitchen for your business.

Hungry for more? Full solutions for our commercial spaces

If you’re looking for another kitchen space or service, you’re in the right place.
All of our dark, delivery-only or commercial kitchens are on the same sites as our frozen and cold storage rooms, meaning we can provide a full solution for your business!
Simply call us today to find out how we can help propel your business forwards.