Delivery only kitchens are a tasty solution for business owners to keep pace with the ever-evolving food industry and takeaway market. Our delivery kitchens to rent connect food businesses to hungry at-home customers with ease.

What can we do for you...

Our kitchens are heating up food delivery service.

The delivery-only model allows you to serve fresh, quality food to customers at home without frills or distractions. Our ghost kitchens are a convenient hub to cook up a storm without a store-front, reduced overheads, and ready-built kitchen space waiting for you, your team and your cooking equipment.

Tailored to you

  • Flexible kitchen pricing plans
  • 24-hour access
  • Adaptable kitchen layout
  • A range of cloud kitchen sizes

Unrivalled service

  • On-hand professional advice
  • Multiple applications and uses
  • Loading bays and lifts
  • On-site car park

Peace of mind

  • Hygienic surfaces and waste collection to meet food hygiene standards
  • Inbuilt drainage and ventilation
  • SALSA and HACCP accredited

What are delivery only kitchens?

It’s no secret that the food industry has undergone a shift from restaurant-first and food pop-ups to an emphasis on delivery service, and commercial kitchens have allowed food business to adapt to this demand. 

Delivery only kitchens, aka ghost kitchens, dark kitchens or cloud kitchens, provide a base for delivery-only brands to operate efficiently and economically. They are a fuss-free kitchen space where our customers can rustle up tasty bites, specifically for the delivery customer, focusing on food quality, customer service and swift delivery times. 

Food delivery kitchens stand alone without a storefront, meaning no customer distractions, freedom, and a reduced carbon footprint; a win-win for profits, productivity and the planet. Unlike a traditional restaurant, delivery-only brands gain and manage custom through online systems and delivery apps like UberEats, Deliveroo and Just Eat.

Benefits of renting a food delivery kitchen?

For food businesses already running in the delivery market or start-ups looking to break into a booming sector, our cloud kitchens to rent are sure to feed your success. 

Here’s just a small glimpse into the benefits of renting a delivery kitchen with Dephna:

A closeup shot of delicious sushi rolls in a plastic box on a white surface

Spend less!

Renting a dark kitchen is a fraction of the cost of a traditional restaurant kitchen. Cut your overheads and widen your profit margins with our delivery kitchen hire.
cook making dinner in the kitchen of high-end restaurant

Refine your brand.

Cut your business model down to the basics and refine the aspects that matter; product quality, range of offerings, customer experience and service.
Three friends together eating pizza in a cafe

Expand delivery radius.

Our delivery kitchens in London are all in prime locations to help you serve more customers than ever before! Our hand-picked London kitchens will keep your business fueled.
Red velvet bento cake

Watch your business grow.

With locations in busy London areas and a kitchen to focus on your food quality and customer service, your food business will flourish.

How our London kitchen rentals work:

Flexible tenancy.

Don’t worry about getting caught in long-term contracts. Dephna’s tenancy agreements and kitchen pricing plans are flexible to suit your business needs. 

Rent a kitchen on a short-term, long-term or flexible basis. No two businesses are the same, so why should rental plans be the same?

Bespoke pricing plans.

Our pricing plans are bespoke based on your kitchen type and tenancy length; why pay more than you need to?

If you want to know how much it costs to rent a delivery kitchen, check out our online budget planner or give us a call if you would like more information.

A complete service

Focus on the diners, not the details. When you rent a kitchen with Dephna, we handle the nitty-gritty details to help your day run smoothly. What’s on our menu?

Kitchen hire for all delivery-only food businesses.

Food delivery has boomed in an unprecedented way recently, and Dephna kitchens have been making the process simple for all types of delivery services. 

Whether you are a restaurant looking for a stand-alone hub to focus on the delivery market, or you need a dedicated hub to store and prepare fresh goods, our delivery-only kitchen rentals are an inspiring base. What delivery services are our kitchens used for?

  • Ready-to-eat restaurant prepared meals
  •  DIY meal kits
  • Independent grocery delivery or veggie boxes

… But, let your imagination run wild!

Whether you’re running a nationwide operation or finding your feet as a start-up, we’ve got kitchens ranging in size from 400 sq ft to 4,000 sq ft. Our team also happens to be a bunch of passionate foodies with knowledge of London’s delivery market, so we can offer advice on:

  • Unit sizes
  • Canopy extraction size and installation
  • Kitchen design and layout
  • Production Flow
  • Number of 3-phase and single-phase electric point connections

We have built all of our spaces to meet the strict requirements of commercial food businesses, meaning they adhere to current licensing and health & safety.

What people say

  • action shot of three chefs prepping in a busy commercial kitchen
    quote marks
    We were initially a bit sceptical about starting our food business last year. But, after seeing takeaway and delivery food businesses take off in the way they did, it seemed silly not to! Dephna's delivery-only kitchens provided a perfect base for us to get started and grow. The team was also very helpful when we were deciding what type of kitchen was best for our purpose.

London delivery kitchens; find a location

We have a number of practical locations across London, putting you in a prime position to expand your delivery radius and boost your customer pool. To find a delivery-only kitchen near you, check out our map below:

Can’t see a kitchen near you? Give us a call!

Feast your eyes on more!

We’ve got plenty more on the menu than our delivery kitchens.

From catering kitchens to dark kitchen units or cold storage, our spaces cater to all types of food businesses.

Call us today for a tour of any of our London kitchens to rent and see how we can fuel your business.