Arcadia Avenue Purpose-Built Commercial Kitchens in Finchley

Interior showing Finchley commercial kitchens

In the heart of Finchley, North London, a culinary revolution is underway. 

Arcadia Avenue, our FIRST purpose-built commercial kitchen rentals, is set to redefine how food businesses operate. Innovation, convenience, and modernity meet to provide London food businesses with a space like no other. 

Let’s take a look at Arcadia Avenue and your potential future business home:

The inspiration behind Arcadia Avenue

Finchley’s Arcadia Avenue hub is the freshest addition to our commercial kitchen portfolio.

Our inspiration for the site stemmed from wanting to modernise our rental kitchens, whilst harmonising the site with our existing facilities. What better way to achieve this than with a purpose-built site. We also realised designing from the ground up was an effective way to bring the latest advancements to the table.

The planning process alone spanned over a year, while our teams ensured every single detail was perfect.

Tailored food delivery and collection options

At Dephna, we understand that every food business has specific needs and requirements, so we thought it best to let our tenants choose their own food delivery and collection policies to suit their requirements. 

While many of our clients exclusively operate as delivery only kitchens, offering their food through ordering apps with deliveries made by dedicated drivers, we also offer the option of dark kitchen rental, enabling click-and-collect services for those who prefer it.

Your success is our priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Exterior of Arcadia Avenue building in Finchley

Convenient London located in Finchley

Arcadia Avenue is positioned near a tidy selection of local amenities and exceptional transport links to central London. Renting a kitchen in Finchley means you’re within walking distance of Finchley Central, Mill Hill East, and West Finchley underground stations. Not to mention, the convenience of the M1 junction 2 just 3.5 miles away.

Your food business success starts right here

Our state-of-the-art commercial kitchens to hire are fully customisable to suit your specific business requirements. With 24/7 CCTV surveillance, we prioritise your security. Enjoy hassle-free parking, designated frozen storage, and easy loading and unloading bays.

Whether you’re a budding startup in search of a dark kitchen, need cold storage, or are venturing into the world of delivery kitchens, Arcadia Avenue is your ideal destination. Join our dynamic culinary community and set the stage for your success.

A culinary milestone

Arcadia Avenue stands as our FIRST purpose-built hub, meticulously designed to cater to the vibrant culinary businesses like yours. Whether you’re in the market to rent a dark kitchen, a cold storage room, or your very first delivery kitchen in London, Arcadia Avenue is where it all begins.

Contact our team today to arrange a viewing at any of our London kitchen locations, including Arcadia Avenue or our Whetstone kitchen hub.

by Dephna

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