Your Walk-in Cold Room FAQs Answered

Your Walk-in Cold Room FAQs Answered

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For startups and small businesses, the option for a remote walk-in cold room instead of (or along with) having an on-site cold room can often prove very advantageous. 

However, while many people in the food industry might have heard of a cold room, if you are new to the business you might not fully understand the functions or benefits of an isolated fridge. 

So what is a cold room, how can it be used and who commonly rents separate cold storage facilities? We answer some key walk-in cold room FAQs:

1. What is a cold room?

A walk-in cold room is a storage solution for perishable items that need to be frozen or chilled to a specific temperature. Think of a refrigerator, but on a much larger scale. 

The temperature of a cold room is generated artificially and usually used for commercial refrigeration. Cold storage is most commonly used to keep fresh produce fresher for longer, but they are also great for stockpiling medicines and flowers. 

2. Who uses walk-in cold storage?

Anyone who needs to keep large or bulk items chilled and frozen can hire a walk-in refrigeration unit for food storage, whether you are a business or individual.

Typically, cold rooms for rent are occupied by catering or food businesses to store their back stock of supplies. Using chilled storage allows businesses to keep their kitchen fridges clear for the products they are using that day. More space within a walk-in fridge makes organisation and stock-checking much faster. 

Pharmaceutical companies also hire walk-in fridges for medicine batches that must be kept at very specific low temperatures. 

In the food industry, there are numerous businesses that might use cold rooms, including:

  • Pop up food stands
  • Food box delivery services
  • Catering companies
  • Restaurants
  • Cooking class businesses

3. How to keep up with cold room maintenance?

Adequate cold room maintenance and temperature control are vital when a chiller is in use. If the specified temperature of the cold storage room is allowed to rise or fall too drastically, the products contained inside could become unfit for human consumption or medical administration.

When you use Dephna to hire chilled storage, we conduct regular temperature and safety checks on all our rented cold storage units. By doing so, we can make sure that the room is secure, the temperature is suitable for the stored products, and it also eliminates one job for the occupier of our walk-in chillers.

4. What is the temperature of a walk-in cold room?

The temperature of your cold room is entirely dependent on the products you are storing and what they require. In all Dephna units, you have the option to set the room temperature from ambient, fridge or freezer – creating a walk-in freezer room.

5. Is there a maximum or minimum time I can rent chilled storage for?

There are no time constraints when you rent a cold room with Dephna. Assuming the walk-in fridge has not already been pre-booked, there is no minimum or maximum time limit on the length of your stay. 

Before choosing a cold room, it is important to consider exactly how long you’ll need to occupy the storage, as well as the size of the room you need.

Having access to a cold room for a short period of time can come in handy if, for example, a large scale event is being organised. Another common reason for short-term cold room hire is when a business is experiencing technical difficulties and requires the use of an alternative fridge or freezer space to avoid medical or food products going to waste

6. Why should I use Dephna to hire a walk-in fridge?

There are many benefits of using Dephna’s expert cold room hire facilities. 

Our cost effective cold storage rooms are available at a set size of 3 m (length) x 3 m (width) x 2 m (height), which is big enough to fit 4-5 pallets, so they are perfect for pop-up and startup businesses. You also have the freedom to set your modular cold room conditions to suit the specific requirements of your products, whether you need ambient, fridge or freezer temperatures. Our flexible terms mean our fridge rooms are ready for you to move in immediately, perfect if you need a room at short notice or in an emergency! 

Our cold rooms operate 24-7, so you can access your chiller room at any time. We have on-site parking and 24-hour security measures in place to keep your stock safe.

If you are looking for a hygienic and reliable cold room to hire, contact our team today to see how Dephna can help. We also rent commercial kitchens in London, equipped with everything you would need to get your catering business underway.  

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