Food Business and Commercial Kitchens Guidance: 2021 Trends and Predictions

Since COVID-19 has transformed our shopping and eating habits, staying ahead of the curve and keeping on top of the ever-changing and innovative food and beverage landscape is of paramount importance.

We look ahead to what 2021 has on the menu for food businesses, commercial kitchens and the food delivery industry. We share best practice advice from the Government in order to comply with local authorities and offer insights on trends and predictions for the New Year. 

Preparing your foodservice business for 1st January 2021

Make sure your business doesn’t get left behind come the New Year. Get prepped with the below guidelines:

Food Labelling

According to government guidance, the rules for what you must show on food labels will change for some food and drink products from the beginning of 2021.

The changes will affect;

  • Country of origin labelling
  • Food business operator (FBO) address labelling
  • Use of the EU emblem
  • Use of the EU health and identification marks
  • Use of the EU organic logo
  • Use of the geographical indication (GI) logo

Importing and Exporting

To continue importing and exporting products between the UK and EU you must:

  1. Get a GB Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number.
  2. Decide if you want to hire an import-export agent, or make the declarations yourself.
  3. Contact the organisation that moves your goods to find out what they need to make the declarations for your goods, or if you will need to make them yourself.

Please note: moving goods between Ireland and Northern Ireland will face different procedures compared to other EU-UK trade. 

Food Safety and Hygiene

Your commercial kitchen hygiene should cover the four C’s: cleaning, cooking, chilling and cross-contamination to ensure your kitchen complies with food safety standards and abides by the correct rules and regulations to maintain good food hygiene:

  • Use easy to clean appliances and catering equipment to prevent food poisoning
  • Install blast chillers or make use of modular cold rooms to cool food quickly to a low temperature that is safe from bacterial growth
  • Use adequate waste disposal to avoid further health pandemics
  • Ensure your kitchen staff are washing their hands regularly to significantly reduce the spread of E. Coli, salmonella, several other types of harmful bacteria and of course, the Covid-19 virus. Personal hygiene has never been more important! 
  • Ensure your kitchen staff are abiding by coronavirus health and safety regulations and social distancing at all times when preparing food

2021 Trends and Predictions

1. Food and Meal Delivery will Conquer All

Bring your favourite restaurant home with ready to eat foods. No-contact meals are a necessity for 2021 as the pandemic continues into the New Year. In order to satisfy your stay-at-home customer’s needs and to preserve profits, amending your menu concepts to accommodate a delivery service is your best bet.

2. Omnichannel Eating will Thrive

Foodservice and retail domains will continue to overlap in 2021 and with consumers seeking convenience and accessibility, traditional hospitality will be overtaken by the need for remote cooking. Commercial, dark kitchens and catering kitchens will be on the rise with the ever-increasing demand for restaurant deliveries. 

The increase in food delivery subscriptions will encourage third-party food delivery companies to use a variety of new concepts and incentives to grow their customer bases.

3. Advanced Digital Technologies will become Essential

Changes made to procuring and preparing food are encouraging new innovations. The shift to ghost kitchens, virtual food brands and online shopping has increased the number of dark warehouses. In 2021, we will see food businesses investing heavily in micro-fulfilment centres and commercial kitchens in response to growing e-commerce.

4. Restaurants will Embrace Pop-Ups

Pop-Ups are predicted to be popping up everywhere come the New Year! Their low overheads and minimal food waste are proving to be the ideal solution for food business establishments post-Covid-19 and are a firm community favourite with their innovative and diverse cuisines.

5. Sustainability, Food Health & Transparency will Triumph

Food Health and wellness will continue to consume our thoughts in 2021. Due to the current climate, the focus will be on ingredients that help boost the immune system, stabilise mood and reduce stress. 

As the focus on sustainability becomes more important, the demand for local produce and ethically sourced food continues to rise. Increasing transparency to meet ethical and environmental consumer demands will be key for 2021; where does our food originate from?

6. Plant-Forward Menus will be the key to Success

Plant-based trends will become the flavour of the year in 2021. Its rising mainstream appeal will drive expansion to all areas of the UK and the demand for new formats, plant proteins and alternatives will be accelerated. New technologies and innovations will be required to satisfy the needs of consumers concerned with animal welfare and sustainability.

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