2020 Gift Guide; Unique Christmas Gifts For Home Chefs

It’s almost here, the end of 2020… While some of us will be pleased to wave goodbye to this year, it has been a year of innovation, community and for some – the year they launched a food business! 

With the number of takeaways and home food deliveries skyrocketing, the pandemic was the perfect time to get a food business idea up and running. But, before we say au revoir to a year of chaos, we get to enjoy the spirit of Christmas and it’s time to treat our loved ones. 

Whether you’re seeking an awesome holiday gift for an aspiring chef, a food stall startup owner, a seasoned professional or someone in the first stages of starting their home food business, our holiday guide has something for everybody. 

From commercial kitchen gadgets and tasty treats, and budget-friendly to high-end tech, here’s some 2020 inspiration for unique Christmas gifts for home chefs.

Chef’s Knife Roll

Looking to treat a chef who’s constantly on the move? Knife roll’s are there to ensure their impressive collection of knives safe and organised when hopping from kitchen to kitchen – or kitchen to food stall – as well as looking uber stylish in the process! 

If you’re shopping for the higher end of the budget for your Christmas gifts, knife rolls at the top end of the price spectrum can help to preserve the condition of their knives and keep the blade sharp, or even sharpen the blades further while in transit.

The practical solution contains internal pockets to house steels, whetstones, sharpeners or whatever else a chef might need to hand. Whether your beloved chef prefers leather, nylon or woven fabric, the market caters for all. 

Here’s our favourite knife rolls:

Victorinox Knife Roll Bag

  • Eight individual sections for knives, steels or small utensils
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Made from polyamide; easy to clean 

Dick Knives Roll Bag

  • Holds 11 knives
  • Heavy duty and lockable bag
  • Made from leather; durable and stylish

Boldric Knife Bag

  • Classic design, made from canvas with brass buckles
  • Waterproof and antifungal canvas
  • Holds 17 knives

Personalised Kitchen Accessories

There’s nothing quite like a personalised gift to show someone that you’re thinking of them. Gifts that you can personalise might not be anything out of the ordinary, and any chef is almost guaranteed to already own a chopping board, a luxury apron or a wooden spoon. HOWEVER, what they don’t have is one personalised with their name, a phrase that you both share or engraved with a special date or occasion. 

Make it personal with these customised gifts:

Personalised Wooden Spoon

  • Features a fun, engraved, chef’s hat design 
  • Three options for personalisation
  • Cheap and VERY cheerful gifting!

Rustic Olive Chopping Board

  • Ethically sourced olive wood
  • Every cutting board is completely unique
  • Sizes from 20cm up tp 50cm

Minimalist Head Chef Personalised Apron

  • Classy and minimalist design for those ‘less is more’ chefs
  • Practical centre pocket with built-in pen pocket
  • Adjustable buckle on the neckband to alter overall length

Food Smokers

Have you got a gadget lover on your hands? This handheld smoker is bound to get them going!

A food smoker infuses food with a natural smoke flavour, and if a smokey cocktail is your thing, they work on drinks, too. Food smokers have varying techniques or methods to create that flavour we all know and love. Some require the chef at hand to feed it wood chips – or your own choice of combustible – while some smokers sit on the top of a BBQ grill. But one thing is for sure – the taste and aromas that are produced are delicious.

Check out some of our favourite food smokers currently on the market:

Ssssssssmokin’ Hot and Cold Food Smokers

ProQ 3-in-1 Food Smoker Set

  • Allows you to smoke both hot and cold foods
  • Built for outdoor use only
  • Set contains smoker, chimney starter, smoke generator, apple & hickory wood chips and beech & cherry wood dust

The Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker

  • Flavour infuses in 1 to 3 minutes
  • Handheld smoker for easy transport
  • Smokes cold foods, drinks and sauces

The Smoke Guys Electric Hot Smoker

  • Cooks at the same time as it smokes
  • Electric operation means no fumes and no fire propellants
  • Cast aluminium base, non-stick surface, easily cleaned and dishwasher-safe

Get a Pizza the Action!

A personal favourite at Dephna HQ – the outdoor pizza oven!

Get the taste of your favourite pizzeria in the comfort of your own home garden. Get the taste of your favourite pizzeria in the comfort of your own home garden. Although you might not be divulging in one of Naples finest pizzas overlooking its historic harbour, we believe this experience is the next best thing… right?

From gas or traditional wood fired, portable or static, there’s enough range in the world of pizza ovens to suit all cooking preferences and taste buds. 

Dephna’s Top Pizza Picks

Flame Master Charcoal BBQ Pizza Oven

  • Charcoal-powered oven
  • Made of non-stick ceramic, for an authentic crispy finish and mess-free cooking
  • Under £100!!

Pizzaro Chimalin AFC Pizza Oven

  • Natural clay pizza oven with no painting or glazing
  • Traditional wood-fired function with the fire directly in the oven
  • Traditional dome shape

Ooni Fyra Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

  • Hardwood pellet fuelled; steady high heat and traditional wood fired flavour
  • Cooks stone-baked pizzas in as little as 60 seconds
  • Extremely light 10kg weight makes it ultra portable

Japanese Knives

Ask any chef across the world their favourite knives, and we guarantee at least one of those answers is a Japanese creation. They are highly regarded across the globe for their exceptional precision, fierce sharpness and most often than not with a stunning and intricate design to the blade and the handle. Japanese knives are traditionally very light and ergonomic, so not only do they slice beautifully, they’re extremely comfortable in the hand.

Our Pick of Japanese Knives

KUMA Premium Damascus Chef Knife

  • Blade consists of 67 layers of Japanese damascus steel
  • 8 inches long, 58-60 Rockwell hardness and 2.5mm thick blade

Miyabi Sujihiki Knife

  • Three part traditional Japanese construction
  • Ergonomic Cocobolo Pakka wood handle for outstanding balance and comfort
  • Honbazuke honed symmetrical edge for exceptional sharpness

Kai Shun Classic Chef’s Knife

  • VG MAX steel core surrounded by 32 layers of Japanese Damascus steel
  • Tarnish-proof pakkawood handle with a chestnut shape for comfort
  • Japanese-made knife in a traditional Western chef’s knife shape
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by Dephna

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