How Tech is Amplifying the Running of a Commercial Kitchen

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Running a commercial kitchen is no small feat; it requires extensive knowledge of food safety, precise menu planning, streamlined workflows and efficient staff management. But with the rapid advancement of technology, modern kitchens are better equipped to meet demands and stay ahead of the competition.

By leveraging the power of technology, chefs are able to run their commercial kitchens more effectively and efficiently than ever before. From apps that streamline and automate ordering processes to artificial intelligence (AI) taking over tedious tasks, technology is revolutionising the way we operate our kitchens.

Let’s take a look at how tech is changing the game and making running a commercial kitchen much simpler…

Food Production

In today’s kitchen environment, tech has changed almost everything from how orders are received to how ingredients are stored.

Automated ordering systems improve consistency across all outlets and eliminate the need to manually check orders or call suppliers, so staff can focus on cooking meals faster. Plus, automated ordering ensures that orders are accurate every single time – no more worrying about mistakes being made by manual order entry.

Smart refrigeration systems help maintain a consistent temperature throughout storage areas which helps prevent spoilage and waste. In addition, cloud-based inventory management means that chefs can have real-time updates on ingredient status without having to leave the kitchen – making it easier than ever to stay within budget while producing great-tasting dishes.

Kitchen Equipment

From automated commercial cooking equipment to dishwashers that can handle large quantities in record time, modern tech has revolutionised the way commercial kitchens operate. Automated fryers are capable of cooking food faster than ever before with accuracy and precision that was impossible to achieve manually. While automated dishwashing machines make short work of even the most stubborn stains from plates and silverware with ease.

It’s not just automation that’s making waves in dark kitchens either; internet-connected appliances are allowing chefs to monitor temperatures remotely while sensors alert staff when equipment needs repairs or cleaning.


From sophisticated inventory management systems to automated ordering, restaurant owners can now integrate cutting-edge technology into their daily operations to streamline workflows.

With intuitive software solutions, chefs can keep track of stock levels in real-time and identify potential issues before they arise. This helps them avoid costly waste by ensuring that perishables are always fresh and ready for use. Restaurants can even automate orders with suppliers so they never need to worry about running out of ingredients or supplies.

Task Management

Automated scheduling systems and apps that help create and assign tasks and tech tools are making it easier for restaurant owners to keep their staff organised and on track.

They can connect multiple departments in real time, helping everyone work together as one cohesive unit. Automation also saves time by eliminating tedious paperwork and manual data entry errors.

And with built-in analytics features, commercial kitchen owners can track performance metrics like completion rates, ensuring that tasks are completed accurately and on time.

Staff Management

Running a commercial kitchen can be incredibly demanding. Not only do you need to ensure the quality of your food is top-notch, but you also need to ensure your staff is as productive as possible. By utilising the latest software and tools, your kitchen management practices can become more efficient and successful.

From improved communication between managers and employees to enhanced tracking of employee hours and scheduling, tech solutions for staff management are proving themselves invaluable in running a commercial kitchen. Automated messages enable notifications about shift changes or orders without needing managers to manually type them out each time. This saves both time and money for the business as well as providing employees with accurate information in a timely manner.

Food Waste

The food industry is always looking for ways to reduce waste, but technology has made significant strides in helping commercial kitchens run more efficiently. With the introduction of cloud-based software, automated kitchen systems and intelligent cold food storage solutions, restaurants are better able to monitor and manage their inventory, leading to less spoilage.

With a comprehensive visual inventory system, restaurant kitchens can track usage and purchase habits clearly on one dashboard. This means they can stay on top of expiration dates on perishables and order only what they need when they need it – no more overstocking or throwing out expired goods.

Plus, automation streamlines processes like ingredient measurements and portion control, which helps cut down on wasted product due to human error.

Health and Safety

Tech advancements are allowing business owners to run their kitchens more safely and efficiently. For restauranteurs, this means greater control over food hygiene and safety, staff management and resource optimisation as well as keeping the health department happy!

The use of tech-based solutions for food safety is becoming increasingly popular amongst restaurants as it allows them to track food temperatures in real-time with sensors improving kitchen fire safety.

Integrated systems can provide alerts when pieces of equipment malfunction or need maintenance, ensuring operations remain safe throughout service hours and reducing the risk of contamination.

Other technologies, such as automated inventory tracking, allow restaurants to access detailed data about their operations quickly and easily – from monitoring ingredients that need replenishing to analysing which menu items are most profitable.

POS Systems

When running a commercial kitchen, the last thing you want to worry about is outdated Point of Sale systems slowing you down. Luckily, with the advances in technology over the last few years, there are now plenty of ways that tech can improve your POS system and payment processing to ensure your commercial kitchen is running smoothly and efficiently.

One way that tech has changed how we use POS systems is by making them mobile-friendly. Now, instead of being tied to one specific location or computer station, restaurant owners can take their POS systems anywhere they go – perfect for tracking sales on the go. Plus, with cloud integration becoming more common in these systems, restaurant businesses can easily access sales data from any internet-connected device.

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