How to Find a Delivery Kitchen for Deliveroo

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Deliveroo is one of the most loved food delivery apps in the UK. Since 2018, its users has more than doubled from 3.1 million to 8 million, and the number of restaurant sellers has jumped from 10,000 to 160,000 in the same time frame! 

With Deliveroo demanding 22% of the food delivery market share as of 2020, its connects growing food businesses with hungry customers, helps to facilitate expansion into new locations and makes it easier for foodie start-ups to, well, get started!

Setting up to sell on the app is straightforward, but before you get to that point – where will you prep and cook all of your food? Yes, the number one task before your takeaway revolution is to find yourself a delivery kitchen for Deliveroo; here are our tips on finding a Deliveroo rental and delivery kitchen qualities to look out for.

Deliveroo Kitchens with a Quick Set-Up

Aside from maybe the cost-related benefits, one of the biggest advantages of renting a purpose-built commercial kitchen is the convenience of not having to design, decorate or renovate a space. 

Capitalise on this easy breezy process as much as possible by finding a space with the quickest set-up possible. 

To ensure you can turn up with your staff, your commercial kitchen cooking equipment and get the grills firing straight away, you should rent a dark kitchen with a minimum of:

  • built-in extraction
  • drainage
  • ventilation
  • hot and cold water points
  • hygienic wall, floor and ceiling surfaces
  • gas and electricity points
  • fire safety doors

…secret tip; you can find all of this, and more, in our Dephna kitchens!

Kitchen Size versus Business Demand & Production

Before committing to a Deliveroo kitchen space, you should consider what size unit you need to rent for a few reasons. 

First of all, commercial kitchen pricing is typically calculated based on the size of the unit, so renting a kitchen bigger than what you need probably means you are spending more than necessary.

Secondly, your kitchen size may play a big role in the efficiency of your business. If you have a complex menu or have a consistently high volume of orders, a bigger kitchen means space for more equipment or more staff to keep up with the demand.

Deliveroo’s restaurant partners are diverse, big and small, established international chains and start-ups, so while the scope of your business and size of your kitchen won’t affect your opportunity to sell on the app, it is important for the smooth running of your business.

Hygienic Delivery Kitchen Spaces

To sell food on any food ordering platform, whether that be Deliveroo or Uber Eats, you will need to comply with all legal food and commercial kitchen regulations, trading laws, and the platform’s policies. 

An independent restaurant is required to prove it has a standard of food hygiene in the kitchen, so something to look for in a kitchen rental is hygienic walls, floors and surfaces, something that we offer in all of our London delivery kitchen locations.

Other permits might include environmental permits, alcohol licences or a late-night licence; you can discover Deliveroo’s registration and licensing policies online.

Choose a Location That Works for You…

Deliveroo strives for high-quality food and service for its customers, so they have a set radius for its delivery service to ensure food isn’t in transit for too long; this is also great for delivery riders as most travel by bicycle. 

Are you looking to expand your offering into a new London borough? Do you know where your target audience or existing customer base lives? If so, look for a commercial kitchen location within Deliveroo’s delivery radius to ensure you can service these locations.  

Great Access for Delivery Drivers

Can you find a London kitchen site with a car park? Bonus! 

Any kitchen with a car park or dedicated collection point will make the experience easier and safer for Deliveroo delivery drivers, it also prevents a blockage on high street pavements or roads if multiple drivers are waiting to collect your food at any given time. 

Every Dephna site in North and North West London has a car park for safe and timely collections for your delivery drivers. 

Be mindful that most Deliveroo drivers travel on bicycles, so you will need a site with great accessibility and not limited to access via motorways or A-roads, for example. You should also rent in busier areas of London. If your kitchen is secluded, it might mean limited riders are willing to accept the delivery, which will raise your average order time.

Dephna is on-hand with food delivery kitchens to help set your business goals alight! Whether you are looking to sell on Deliveroo, UberEats or independently, our kitchens can facilitate this with our London commercial kitchens. If you’re interested in our spaces, enquire now to book a visit.

by Dephna

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