How to Increase Food Delivery Sales for the Summer!

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The summer season has officially begun! Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to cash in on takeaways or a delivery-only food business wanting to exploit the sunnier months, optimising your marketing plan to maximise sales will give you a competitive edge and help you stand out in a saturated market. Seasonality can be challenging for many food delivery businesses, and learning how to weather the storm caused by seasonal peaks is an important aspect of running a fruitful business. 

We explore how to increase food delivery sales and attract more customers this summer…

Launch a Summer Sale

Getting creative with summer promotions and tailoring them to upcoming events and national days is a great way to get ahead of the curve, create a sense of urgency and entice new customers during the summer months. Offering freebies for online reviews is another marketing avenue to explore. It’ll boost your online presence and encourage more orders – win, win!

Optimise your Menu

Based on the insight that people are looking for new foods and restaurants to explore post-pandemic, consider adding new things to your online menu to spice it up. Menu optimisation is a key factor in driving delivery orders. Create some new and exciting summer-themed limited-edition dishes that customers won’t want to miss out on.

In addition to considering a seasonal menu, it may be worth refreshing your menu structure to add extras and options alongside each dish. This way, whatever a customer picks for a main, you could provide them with a suggestion for a drink, side or dessert – giving your customers a complete meal and your restaurant an additional sale.

Why not also stay abreast of new trends by catering to health-conscious customers or those with specific dietary requirements? Be sure to add a selection of dishes such as low-calorie, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free menu options.

Expand your Selection of Refreshing Drinks

Thirsty for more revenue? Make sure you have a great selection of refreshing drinks on the menu. When temperatures begin to soar, it helps to increase your average order value by tempting customers into adding more items to their basket. 

Refresh your Food Photos

Your online food photos and descriptions make up your digital storefront. When it comes to online ordering and delivery, your customers’ first impression is how the food looks on your website, online ordering platform or social media feed. In order to stand out from the ever-growing list of restaurant businesses on delivery platforms, make sure that you’re taking the best approach to shoot high-quality seasonal food photography.

People enjoy dining alfresco when it’s sunny, so creating inviting outdoor dining scenarios using your dishes will make it easier for customers to picture themselves eating your food.

Develop your Social Media Strategy

Fine-tuning your social media strategy can help you reach new customers, grow your on-premise and off-premise business and build a loyal following. Your social feed should provide potential customers with summer specials, updates, discounts, promotions and loyalty programmes. From there, you can increase your reach by running a social campaign to attract new customers to your area – both tourists and locals. 

Social media channels can also help to build genuine and meaningful connections, drive engagement, encourage feedback and show off your positive reviews.

Deliver to Pub Gardens

Pub gardens and roof terraces are hot property over the summer months. Why not expand your customer base by catering to the needs of your local sun-seekers by delivering to outdoor venues? Pubs offering drinks-only menus or restricted kitchen hours would mutually benefit through a partnership – increasing sales for both parties!

Advertise in your Local Park

Why not attract new customers, increase brand awareness and promote your business in a crowded park on a summer’s day? Get noticed with branded flyers and chilled refreshments.

Personalise your Food Delivery Service

Offering customers a way to order food directly from your website or social media profile will help capture and increase online sales. When a customer orders directly through a personalised online ordering system, you don’t just earn more revenue than you would with third-party delivery apps, but you also have the opportunity to retarget your customers and remind them to order again.

Partner with Seasonal Local Businesses

Get your name out there by partnering with local businesses that host summer events, pop-ups and festivals. If done right, a partnership can;

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost restaurant delivery sales and profits
  • Give your business the opportunity to interact with customers in an out-of-the-ordinary setting
  • Enable you to expand your reach to a wider audience

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by Dephna

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