Long Hot Summer? How to Keep a Walk In Fridge Cold!

Summer 2020 may not be turning out to be the blissfully hot, free and adventurous season that we initially hoped for. Our movements are restricted and flights have taken a back seat until 2021, but there has been a glimmer of hope for a wholesome British summer when it comes to the sunshine – albeit sporadic. 

Temperatures have peaked at 32°C in some parts of the UK so far this year, and we’d like to see the mercury skyrocket again before the summer draws to a close. This is exciting for sun worshippers, but if you’re running a food business, make sure your walk in fridge is ready to handle scorching conditions.

Although most commercial refrigeration units should operate comfortably into the 30°C’s, there are some simple preventative measures you can take to ensure your cold storage remains cold throughout the summer months, keeping food fresh and ensuring perishables don’t go to waste.  


Keep Your Fridge Door Closed

One of the biggest offenders for sinking cold storage temperatures, spoiled food and therefore wasted money is also the most obvious mistake; leaving the fridge door open. 

The door of your walk in cold room should only be open when you are entering or exiting to collect stock. If you leave the fridge to run stock to your commercial kitchen – even temporarily – nudge the door shut behind you and reopen on return instead of propping the door open. This is a quick fix for the most common cause of temperature loss in a commercial fridge 

Don’t Get Tap-Happy With Temperature Controls

The hotter it gets outside, the cooler you want to be inside, right? This might be true for stuffy bedrooms and muggy home kitchens, but it’s not always the best plan-of-action when it comes to the temperature of a walk-in cold room. 

It’s not unusual for people to overcompensate the excess British heat and turn the temperature dial far lower than what it needs to be. It might seem like a harmless move on the surface, but it can actually cause the fridge to overwork and it will put extra strain on its components and essentially have the opposite effect. Try to keep the temperature of your fridge between 1 and 4°C, even on the hottest days. 

Keep Your Walk-In Fridge Orderly & Organised 

Your cold room should be kept organised at all times, for more reason than one. Firstly, a poorly organised and jam-packed walk-in cold room will limit the air circulation and will have a knock-on effect on the temperature of the fridge. Similarly, placing boxes too close to the pipes and ventilation can cause the temperature to rise and potentially ruin your stock. 

There are many other benefits that come with organising a modular cold room though, including food safety, satisfaction and improved business efficiency to name a few!

Have You Cleaned Your Filters?

Regularly cleaning components of your walk in fridge is a quick and easy task that doesn’t require the help of professionals, but it does make a huge difference to the performance of your cold storage. 

Keep your filters free of dust build-up with a hoover or a light brush. Completing this regularly will prevent the problem from becoming a more serious matter that requires paying a fridge engineer. On a less frequent basis, you should clean the evaporator and condensing coil of your walk in cold room and if you are able to, clean the fan blades to help reduce drag. 

Simple cold room maintenance might be all it takes for your unit to operate at optimum temperature. 

Inspect Door Seals for Tears and Cracks

Similarly to a quick dusting of your filters, checking your door seals for tears, cracks or any other damage will only take you a few minutes but can make a world of a difference for the temperature of your cold room. If a door seal is damaged, external warm air will have an entry route to seep into your cold room and effectively higher its overall temperature and resulting in spoiled food, flowers, medical products or whatever goods you may be storing in your walk in cold room.

If you need a hygienic and reliable walk-in fridge in London, our adaptable spaces have 24 hour access and full flexibility to suit your business. Our modular cold rooms are also on the same sites as our commercial, dark kitchens and catering kitchens for your convenience. To start exploring your options, enquire now and book your visit.

Or, if you’re Keen to stay up-to-date with kitchen hacks, tips and food industry news, check out the latest in our Kitchen Talk. 










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