The Perfect Mix: Rent a Kitchen for Baking

Baker in a commercial kitchen

For small businesses looking to make a splash in the food industry, finding a commercial kitchen space is vital; this is no different for bakery businesses.

To rent a kitchen for baking, you need to think carefully about the overheads, equipment and how it can work for you.

From occasion cupcakes to fresh buns and loaves, our guide takes you through everything you need to know about renting a commercial kitchen for your budding business.

How to Rent a Kitchen for Baking

Before looking for kitchens for rent, you need to outline your requirements for success. Are you looking for short-term or long-term rentals? Do you require extra storage units or food freezers? Do you need a fully equipped commercial kitchen or do you need niche appliances?

Start by considering the following…

What Kind of Kitchen Do You Need for Baking?

Depending on the type of baking business you operate, you’ll need to rent a commercial kitchen that reflects your day to day food production needs.

Dark Kitchen

Dark kitchens to rent suit a number of businesses, mainly food start-ups and food delivery only companies. A dark kitchen is ideal for preparing orders at speed and they help to cut costs with a remote and convenient working space.

Catering Kitchen

Renting a catering kitchen can work for baking companies of all sizes. Whether you’re catering events or large organisations, find flexible layouts to suit your food business.

Central Production Kitchen

A central production kitchen is an excellent solution if you’re looking for extra space behind the scenes at your restaurant, cafe or pop up. Particularly popular with bakers, central kitchens allow you to move in and get up and running straight away.

Delivery Kitchens

Renting a food delivery kitchen is a trend that’s skyrocketed in the food industry over the last 12 months. A delivery kitchen does what it says on the tin, allows food delivery-only businesses to prep and produce orders placed via third-party apps such as Deliveroo, UberEats or Just Eat.

Do you Require Cold Storage?

From freezing dough to storing buttercreams – cold storage can be essential for bakery businesses.

Look for a professional baking kitchen with easy access to cold storage rooms to keep your products fresh.

Our cold rooms can be temperature adjusted to suit all types of baking needs.

What Baking Equipment Do You Need?

As well as standard commercial kitchen equipment, baking can require specialised tools and equipment. Be sure to consider this when costing.

Specialist baking equipment could include:

  • Pastry dough sheeters
  • Industrial mixers with dough hooks
  • Pizza ovens
  • Pastry filling machines
  • Patisserie cream cookers
  • Biscuit depositor s
  • Bread moulders
  • Dough dividers
  • Proofing chambers

The benefit of having a blank kitchen rental space to work with is that you can tailor it to your specific needs. Whether you’re producing delicate pastries or rapid-fire street food, a commercial kitchen provides versatility.

To cater to all sorts of baking businesses, our commercial kitchen layouts are customisable, with easy access to cold storage and inbuilt ventilation.

Commercial Kitchens: Benefits for Bakers

Whether you’re making the first steps from home baking business to commercial venture or scaling up a thriving restaurant, renting a kitchen offers plenty of benefits for bakers;

  • Extra workspace for kneading, rolling and cutting
  • Commercial size ovens for batch baking and proving
  • Flexible layout for various products and workflows
  • Restaurant-grade facilities
  • Hygiene and safety guarantee
  • Affordable and low risk
  • On-site walk in fridge freezers

Rent a Kitchen for Baking in London

Looking to rent kitchens in London? We rent 380 sq ft bespoke kitchens to cater to your growing bakery business.

Find the perfect commercial kitchen to rent.


by Dephna

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