Guide to Renting a Commercial Kitchen in North London

Reception area in Whetstone with living wall backdrop

In a city where the food delivery market is thriving, having access to a well-equipped kitchen is more than just a convenience, it’s a business necessity. 

The UK has the third biggest online food delivery market in the world, estimated at £32bn, and with London as the country’s capital, rest assured the city is chomping down a lot of that revenue!

As the demand for commercial kitchen rentals in London continues to rise, business owners are looking for solutions to fuel their growth. In this blog, we look into the steps of renting a commercial kitchen in North London, exploring benefits, considerations and highlighting some incredible food delivery kitchen options.

Commercial Kitchens North London: The Landscape

Approximately 58% of Londoner’s have a takeaway at least once a week. That’s a lot of mouths to feed, so there’s plenty of space in the industry for all food businesses to thrive. As aspiring chefs try to find their place in a competitive food market, state-of-the-art kitchens to rent in the city are paramount.

North London has an array of dark and delivery only kitchen rentals, from shared spaces to private kitchens. Food entrepreneurs have a range of kitchen options to choose from, depending on which best suits their business model.

Considerations for Renting a Dark Kitchen

Starting your journey of renting a commercial kitchen in North London requires a strategic approach. Understanding some key considerations can make the difference between a kitchen that merely serves its purpose and one that propels your business venture.

Budgeting and Costs for Kitchen Rental

Start-ups, scale-ups or longstanding ventures, proper budgeting is the cornerstone of ANY successful food business. Review all costs associated with kitchen rental, this includes the monthly rent of the space, but also utilities, maintenance and buying equipment, stock and anything else you think of. Have a clear understanding of your monthly budget and calculate your expenses to see if they align. 

Location-Specific Factors

The location of your kitchen unit can impact the success of your food business. Consider the proximity and convenience to your customer base, accessibility for suppliers and your team. The location of your 

A strategically located kitchen can simplify your operations, broaden your customer base and improve the overall efficiency of your business. 

Amenities and Equipment Provided

Not all commercial kitchens are created equal. Review the amenities and facilities offered by your chosen providers to ensure they have everything you need to get your kitchen up and running. From extras like cold storage rooms or state-of-the-art commercial ventilation systems, find a kitchen provider that suits your requirements.

Introducing Whetstone: A Culinary Haven

One of the latest additions to Dephna’s repertoire is our kitchen space in Whetstone, Barnet. Within the walls of what was once a Barclays Bank, this kitchen is a testament to our commitment to helping local communities, as well as supporting London food businesses.

Whetstone holds a unique place in our hearts. One of our owners, Nimesh, opened his first bank account at Barclays Bank way back when, setting the stage for a nostalgic connection to the bank. When we stumbled upon the vacant building, we instantly envisaged ourselves in the building and ran with it.

Creating a Community Hub

Our mission was more than creating kitchens. We aimed to create a space that benefits businesses and also the local economy and its residents. We carefully considered factors such as the type of food businesses we’d host, smoke and odour management, waste systems, and on-site operations to ensure our presence serves the community.

The Whetstone Concept

Whetstone is much different to the rest of our London locations. But why?

Designed for Delivery

Whetstone is designed with delivery-focused food businesses in mind, with a collection scheme, dedicated collection zone and areas to minimise congestion on the local high street.

Diverse Culinary Offerings

Whetstone is a culinary epicentre hosting 200 types of cuisine from 30 independent restaurants. Leveraging the footfall of a busy high street, there’s also a unique opportunity for walk-in customers to browse and order a diverse range of cuisines.

Managed Collections and Impeccable Service

Our fully staffed reception area ensures customers can wait comfortably while their orders are prepared. The dumbwaiter system streamlines the process, with our staff efficiently serving orders, providing a seamless experience for both customers and restaurants.

Diversity: More than Food Businesses

Whetstone is our most diverse space, used for more than just food businesses. Our modular design means endless opportunities, allowing businesses to shape a workspace that suits. From artists, content creators, cooking schools and beyond, Whetstone can be used for countless creative endeavours

Innovative Features

  • RydAir Odour and Smoke Filtration: Powerful filtration ensures a comfortable working environment and prevents odours from disturbing Whetstone residents
  • Dumbwaiter: A three-story building with a dumbwaiter, allowing smooth operations and reducing back-and-forth for restaurants and delivery drivers or collect customers
  • Lifts Between All Floors: Non-negotiable lifts make stock transportation a breeze and ensure easy access to all levels of the building
  • Additional Amenities: From loading bays to 24/7 kitchen access, dedicated pay-as-you-go parking spaces, and on-site cold rooms – every detail enables smooth operations

Arcadia Avenue: A Culinary Revolution in Finchley

As our first purpose-built commercial kitchen, Arcadia Avenue in Finchley hub is a shift in how London food businesses operate, embracing innovation, convenience, and modernity.

The Inspiration behind Arcadia Avenue

Arcadia Avenue was born out of a desire to modernise and elevate our rental kitchens. The inspiration behind this purpose-built site was fuelled by the vision to integrate the latest advancements into the food industry. The meticulous planning process, which took over a year, reflects this commitment to perfection.

Tailored Food Delivery and Collection Options

Understanding that every food business is unique, Arcadia Avenue allows tenants to shape their own food delivery and collection policies. Whether operating exclusively as delivery kitchens with dedicated drivers or opting for click-and-collect services, our flexible approach ensures that business needs are met and we support your success.

Convenient Location in Finchley, London

Nearby local amenities and excellent transport links, Arcadia Avenue offers great convenience. With proximity to Finchley Central, Mill Hill East, and West Finchley underground stations, as well as easy access to the M1 junction 2 just 3.5 miles away, your food business is strategically positioned for success.

On-site Extras and Amenities

  • Kitchens are fully customisable to your specific requirements
  • Security is paramount with 24/7 CCTV surveillance
  • Hassle-free parking and convenient loading and unloading bays
  • Designated cold and frozen storage rooms

Whether you’re a startup seeking a dark kitchen rental, in need of cold storage, or venturing into the realm of delivery kitchens, Arcadia Avenue is your destination for success. 

Get Started: Rental Process and Enquiring

Starting your ever exciting journey with Dephna is a straightforward process designed to get you cooking with minimal fuss. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to kickstarting your venture:

  1. Explore our kitchen locations
  2. Define your budget and use our monthly budget planner 
  3. Reach out to us
  4. Schedule a site visit
  5. Understand the rental process
  6. Submit your application
  7. Finalise agreements
  8. Start cooking


Our commitment goes beyond providing kitchen spaces. We’re dedicated to fostering an environment where businesses and budding chefs can flourish. 

Whetstone and Arcadia Avenue are crafted to meet the specific needs of today’s dynamic food businesses, offering state-of-the-art facilities, innovative features, and a supportive community to fuel your success.

Ready to embark on your culinary journey? Contact our team of passionate foodies who are ready to assist you with enquiries, site visits, and walk you through the rental process. Get ready to take over North London’s food scene!

by Dephna

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