Upgrade to a greener, cleaner and more sustainable kitchen with RydAir Air Cleaners

Pots and pans steaming in a commercial kitchen

Sustainable kitchens are in high demand and as a result, adequate ventilation has become an integral ingredient for greener cooking spaces. 

Now more than ever, it’s essential to invest in efficient air cleaners and filtration systems that not only improve the overall atmosphere of your kitchen but also ensure more control over energy costs and environmental impact.

How does a kitchen extraction system work?

A kitchen extraction system is a fundamental appliance for any commercial kitchen. It works by removing airborne grease, smoke, and odours from the air to ensure a safe working environment. An extraction canopy system installed above kitchen workstations uses exhaust fans that draw air from the kitchen into an extraction hood above the stove or cooking range. The air then passes through filters where large particles are removed before being exhausted outside the building via ducts. 

Ventilation systems also help to keep the kitchen cooler by removing hot air quickly and efficiently. Air filtration is essential to allow fresh and clean air, without any potential pollutants, into your commercial kitchen; this is important for worker health and safety and food hygiene standards.

Benefits of kitchen ventilation

For home cooks and restaurant owners alike, the benefits of an extraction system are clear;

  • Improved air quality inside and outside of the kitchen
  • Less smoke and steam created by cooking
  • Reduced risk of fire from grease build-up in extractor fans and hoods
  • Decreased mildew, peeling and discolouration of wall finishes
  • Reduced mould and bacteria build-up on countertops and cooking areas
  • Decreased cabinet damage by reducing condensation of acidic contaminants
  • Removal of excess cooking heat and household chemical vapours
  • Safe carbon monoxide levels

And last but by no means least, modern kitchen extraction systems are also energy-efficient, reducing electricity bills. ‘On demand’ systems can automatically adapt, detecting the energy draw of the gas and electric supplies and switch on only when they’re required, and lie in ‘idle mode’ when they’re not.

Introducing RydAir: The future of air purification

Keeping a clean, green and sustainable kitchen is now easier than ever with the introduction of RydAir electrostatic air cleaners. 

RydAir is an innovative and eco-friendly ventilation system designed to revolutionise commercial kitchen operations. The advanced design of this product allows kitchen owners to upgrade their current kitchen space with a greener and cleaner alternative that will significantly reduce pollutants, allergens and energy consumption.

The RydAir is, without question, one of the most effective solutions to harmful kitchen emissions such as grease, smoke and other contaminants within the airstream. They are dedicated to keeping indoor air odour-free and bacteria-free with their state-of-the-art electrostatic air cleaners. Powerful ionic technology can pull up to 95% of contaminants from the air, leaving you with breathable air and a cleaner, healthier, more sanitary kitchen space overall.

The best part? RydAir’s electrostatic air cleaners are easy to use and require minimal maintenance. And since they’re designed for kitchens, they come in sleek designs that look great on any countertop or wall mount. So don’t worry about sacrificing style for safety – these air cleaners will make your kitchen look as good as it feels!

Benefits of RydAir units

  • Smoke-free. RydAir cleaners effectively filter wet and dry particulates like dust, oil mist, cooking fumes and pollutants to provide clean air.
  • Odour control. Ozone oxidises pollutants, while carbon filters trap gas molecules to eliminate unpleasant odours.
  • Bacteria elimination. UVC Lamps eliminate and prevent the growth of bacteria by disrupting their DNA.
  • Environmentally friendly. RydAir products treat and clean the exhausted air before its released into the environment.
  • Energy-efficient. Savings in energy consumption from a low-pressure drop.
  • Sensible drainage. Efficient deep cleaning and maintenance.
  • Versatile. RydAir products can be either used as self-contained units or incorporated into a ducting/exhaust system of premises.

Dephna’s use of RydAir in the local community

All our Whetstone kitchens are installed with RydAir extraction systems, providing powerful odour and smoke filtration. 

RydAir’s filtration treats the polluted air before discharge into the environment, preventing smoke and unpleasant smells from filtering out into the open, contributing to a cleaner world and meeting environmental standards of various jurisdictions. A big thumbs up from the Whetstone community!


From cold storage solutions and dark kitchens to the best in commercial kitchen extraction, Dephna is on-hand. Enquire now to find out how we can help you rent an eco-friendly kitchen and propel your business forwards.


by Dephna

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